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The invention of the internal combustion engine 130 years ago triggered the age of mass mobility borne by the automobile. Right now, there are around 1.1 billion vehicles registered around the world, with around 90 million new vehicles produced every year. Annual emissions of CO2 by internal combustion engines add up to around three billion tonnes, with utterly unimaginable collateral damage caused to the environment and society.

What began as the blessing of the internal combustion engine has become a curse for people and the environment. Dependence on gasoline-powered vehicles is not just an enormous challenge for manufacturers, consumers and politics, but for humanity as a whole. How can we harmonize our mobility needs with those of the environment? The alternative drive concepts currently under discussion for electric vehicles serve merely to divert environmental pollution elsewhere. The manufacture of hydrogen consumes enormous energy reserves, while lithium-ion batteries cause environmental pollution in the extraction of the raw material and in its recycling, too.

With its flow-cell-based nanoFlowcell® technology, nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd has developed a proprietary system of energy storage that will supply a new generation of electric vehicles with energy – on land, on water and in the air. And it will do so sustainably, without pollution and without damaging the environment.

Our QUANTiNO and QUANT FE prototypes – both nanoFlowcell® technology showcases with different user profiles – have impressively demonstrated what a nanoFlowcell® drive can achieve in an electric vehicle:

Mobility without restrictions in speed, range and comfort, while also being cost-effective, with absolutely no harmful emissions and zero environmentally damaging system components. nanoFlowcell® is set to become an important, if not decisive, factor in the technological competitiveness of established vehicle manufacturers.

Our technology has proven itself. It’s time to take action. nanoFlowcell® is ready to change the future of electric mobility. We invite you to be a part of this change and to shape progress together with us.

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