People are our company’s most important asset. The creativity and inventive spirit of our employees are unique, their knowledge the crucial competitive factor.

The world of tomorrow is fully electric. We are becoming part of a global, mutated smart grid, through which we coordinate our entire interaction with the outside world – at home or in the office, in the car or on the train, networked via a computer-aided global information network. The power that drives all of this is electricity.

We are driven by one simple question – how can we shape the energy supply of our global society in a way that is sustainable, safe and environmentally compatible? Be it for driving electric vehicles, for energy storage systems to supply the domestic electric infrastructure or for energy backup systems to bridge temporary blackouts in the electricity grid, we need innovative ideas and creative solutions for a diverse array of applications in stationary and mobile energy supply. As a world-leading research and development company in the field of flow cell technology, our developments ensure that electric-drive vehicles are comfortable and environmentally friendly and that stationary electric equipment functions reliably and safely even in off-grid operation.

Every moment is packed with new and exciting challenges and offers us a host of opportunities to adapt our products and services even better to the needs of our customers.
Dedicated employees across all areas of the company, from research and development, production and sales, apply their expertise, their commitment and their passion to the international, innovation-driven success of nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd.

We lead the world in what we do – developing innovative and practicable energy storage solutions – and can offer our customers unique product and service benefits in this growing but hard-fought market. What matters is the outstanding performance of every single one of those employees and their willingness to bring this into a team. Success at nanoFlowcell is teamwork, borne by people who think ahead, who are open to new things, share their experiences and treat one another with respect. We work in a lean organisation with efficient processes and are continually developing ourselves. At nanoFlowcell, we’re not dreaming of a better future; we’re developing it.

nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd leads and coordinates the research and development activities of the nanoFlowcell Group from our headquarters in London. As an innovative engineering company, we provide powerful impetus to international industry and perhaps soon to your career, too?! We are always looking for dedicated employees who push forward innovative ideas with passion – talk to us! Your human resources team at nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd