Welcome to the stakeholder relations website of nanoFlowcell Holding Ltd. We are a world-leading, independent research and development company in the field of flow cell technology. With our nanoFlowcell® technology and the bi-ION® electrolyte, we have developed a forward-looking energy storage technology that will revolutionize mobile and stationary energy supply. We make renewable energies become easily usable in a wide range of grid-based and off-grid applications, setting new benchmarks in terms of performance, flexibility, safety, ecology and economy.

nanoFlowcell® is not just different, it’s unique. We are therefore acutely aware of our responsibility – as integrative part and facilitator of the green energy revolution!


The age of nanoFlowcell®

The availability of energy is fundamental for the existence of our industrialised society. Demands are made for clean and eco-compatible energy, save to use and economical, and available at the push of a button. However, in practice it seems too difficult to meet all those demands: industry is hesitating with electric mobility, because current battery and charging concepts are anything else but flawless; fossil and nuclear energies prevail because regenerative energies are associated with energy shortages and unpredictable supply.

Alternative energy solutions are regarded as technologically too vague or burdened with too many compromises. Yet, we at NFC do not make compromises: We do clean and green as well as save, economical and always-on energy at a push of a button.

We provide energy security - reliable, affordable access to regenerative energy with calculable risks for supply disruption, with increased system flexibility and with higher resilience for the electricity sector.

Strong in research & development

nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd (NFC) is a research and development company specialising in flow cell technology and its applications. We have a strong science and engineering heritage in energy storage and conversion for more than 20 years. Nonetheless, we remain a fresh-thinking R&D company, that is lean and efficient and free from the innovation-hostile structures of large, established corporations. We do not have a technology history that keeps us thinking along fixed lines. Instead, we are flexible; we question established principles and think in completely new terms.

Our QUANT flow cell powered electric vehicles give an insight to our R&D mindset: We do not simply design singular technologies, but comprehensive technological solutions to the most complex challenges: Our Quant EVs are not only the world’s first (and so far only) road legal flow cell powered high performance EVs. They also advocate our unique nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT low voltage e-drive – an integrative solutions approach to electric mobility and the result of challenging industry’s belief in high voltage engine technology.  

With our flow cell technology nanoFlowcell®, we make renewable energies become mobile in the most efficient and economical manner possible, thereby providing clean and sustainable energy without geo-political restrictions for mobile and stationary applications globally. nanoFlowcell® will be an enabler for the global green energy revolution, providing a technology solution to urgent environmental issues linked to emissions (transportation, industrial, household) and energy production (fossil fuels, nuclear).

Addressable market

The worldwide demand for NFC products is growing significantly, in-line with the growing needs for electrification of mobility and transportation and the irrevocable shift towards renewable energies. The most attractive segments for our nanoFlowcell® technology are Automotive, Transportation, Human Robotics and Stationary Energy; nanoFlowcell® is set to become a crucial, technological competitive factor for manufacturers, whose electrical applications require the use of stable, practical, safe and clean energy. With nanoFlowcell® we can provide an energy technology that is constituting a viable alternative to current battery technologies as well as to nuclear and fossil energy.

nanoFlowcell® guides the future

There are only a few R&D institutes worldwide specializing on flow cell research and its applications. Fewer have developed flow cell solutions for mobile use. Of these few, nanoFlowcell Holdings is the most advanced in applying its theoretical research to actual products (QUANT 48VOLT, QUANTiNO 48VOLT).

With over 60 patents relating to flow cell technology and its applications, we are well ahead of our competitors and could already establish a sound business proposal for a potential licensing business. Hence, we are seeking well-positioned manufacturers in strong growth and high margin markets who adapt nanoFlowcell® technology to their respective product portfolios. By creating engineering and production synergies across markets (R&D collaborations), we are striving for a broad dissemination of our nanoFlowcell® technology, so that we can achieve tangible changes fast - for climate, environment and society. We seek partners who share our vision for a greener and cleaner future, but above all will help us to shape it by boosting the market for environmentally friendly and sustainable energy.  

nanoFlowcell®: clean and safe energy – wherever, whenever.  

If you are interested in a potential investment or cooperation, you are welcome to get in touch. We ask for your understanding that we can only respond to fully detailed enquiries. Your information will, of course, be treated in complete confidence.

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