Application Research


As an energy source in an incredibly diverse array of applications, there is virtually no industry that cannot benefit from our nanoFlowcell® technology.

We research and develop flow-cell based energy storage solutions as well as mobile and stationary applications for our nanoFlowcell® technology. QUANT is the brand for our prototype applications. Although the QUANT brand is initially appearing almost exclusively in the automotive sector, this should not distract from the fact that personal mobility represents just one small area of application for our nanoFlowcell® technology. When it comes to innovative energy storage solutions for mobile or stationary applications, we think in holistic terms. We conduct our research with passion and develop uncompromisingly from a sense of conviction. Our focus is on a high level of system competence and networking of the individual components. This results in product applications and system function that make us what we are – the R&D experts and partners to industry for innovative, flow-cell based energy storage solutions on land, on water and in the air. We support manufacturers from start to finish, from the configuration of new product concepts through the technical adaptation of our technologies to series production. We understand the importance of ensuring that technical innovations are also suitable for mass production.