Modern aircraft are equipped with a whole lot of batteries – the same lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones and laptops. Experience shows that these types of battery have a tendency for thermal collapse – the battery overheats, melts and starts to burn.

One consequence of a technical battery failure of this type was the grounding of the entire Boeing Dreamliner fleet for several months until a safe, albeit less powerful replacement for the unstable lithium-ion batteries was found. nanoFlowcell® offers greater safety in highly sensitive, safety-critical applications such as aviation as thermal runaway is technically impossible. The nanoFlowcell® could permanently replace unstable lithium-ion batteries in the near future, offering a major benefit in operational safety with comparable performance.

As an energy storage medium, the nanoFlowcell® can handle power supply to on-board devices as well as serving as an emergency power supply to on-board generators.

The benefits of nanoFlowcell® technology to the aviation industry are:

  • improved energy density, longevity, immune to deep discharge
  • high system stability, low-maintenance, easy to handle and safe to use
  • thermal collapse impossible, neither flammable nor explosive
  • low weight, low acquisition and maintenance costs
  • no outgassing, not harmful to health or the environment