Innovation Research


The current QUANT vehicles with nanoFlowcell® drive show how electric mobility can smooth the path to the future – with an environmentally compatible and sustainable energy source.

It is our conviction that technology cannot be permitted to make compromises, particularly when it comes to energy supply. Energy carriers of the future must be safe to use, environmentally compatible, sustainable and readily accessible all over the world. Straightforward requirements – but nanoFlowcell® is currently the only energy technology that can claim this. The combination of nanoFlowcell® and bi-ION, our proprietary electrolyte solution, is superior to any other energy carrier on the market. It is compact, but has a high energy density, suitable for the mass market, yet sustainable and fully environmentally compatible, non-toxic and thermally safe, cost-effective and structurally flexible. As a research and development company, we strive always to go one step further. In the adaptation of nanoFlowcell® to an electric vehicle, we succeeded in combining nanoFlowcell® technology with a low-voltage traction system and thus to engineer the world’s first low-voltage electric vehicle that is road-legal and ready for homologation – the QUANTiNO. Its performance figures are exemplary, as is the functional safety of its 48 volt low-voltage drive system. However, the vision of its inventor, Nunzio La Vecchia, goes further than that. The comparatively high energy density of the bi-ION energy carrier and the high efficiency of the flow-cell based nanoFlowcell® open up a variety of application areas to nanoFlowcell® technology – from very small to extremely large.