Quant Prototyping


As a research and development company, we work largely on the research of new applications for our flow-cell based nanoFlowcell® technology. However, our integrative R&D approach sees nanoFlowcell® as an energy source, not as a singular technology. For that reason, we always consider the overall system within which our technology is incorporated. In the case of the QUANT 48VOLT and QUANTiNO 48VOLT, we designed the entire electric drive from scratch in order create a perfect match between the drive system and the energy storage system. The result is our innovative nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT drive concept with low-voltage technology, which unites zero-emissions driving with amazing performance.

The benefits of our nanoFlowcell® technology are its high energy density (power) and modularity (usage-oriented scalability) as well as the flexibility of the system design (function follows form). nanoFlowcell® delivers power for the electric drive system, which has a system architecture similar to that of electric vehicles with lithium-ion battery technology. The adaptation and integration of a nanoFlowcell into existing electric vehicle concepts would therefore be relatively straightforward. The modular design of the nanoFlowcell® reduces vehicle modification to a minimum.

Depending on the respective vehicle packaging, the volume of the electrolyte tanks and the membrane of the nanoFlowcell® can be scaled to underline the character of the vehicle in question. The design of future electric vehicles is no longer constrained by rigid and heavy battery packs or the safety requirements applicable to tanks for highly explosive fuels – nanoFlowcell gives new freedoms to designers and development engineers.

The QUANT prototypes demonstrate the modularity of nanoFlowcell® technology, which can be adapted as required to OEM specifications.

Depending on the application in question, nanoFlowcell® can be run in low-voltage or high-voltage systems.

We have the necessary component expertise for integrating nanoFlowcell® technology into different electric vehicle concepts, supplemented by extensive skills in the development of complex control software. Our customers do not expect piecework, but comprehensive production solutions. That’s what we mean by QUANT powered by nanoFlowcell®.