Innovation comes from creative free-thinking using unconventional approaches and the determination needed to pursue a great vision. Because often it is vague ideas that mark the start of a true breakthrough...

As a research and development company, we set new standards in the field of forward-looking energy-storage media and innovative applications for flow cell technologies. Our current product portfolio encompasses the flow-cell based nanoFlowcell®, its complementary bi-ION electrolyte liquid as well as component expertise and engineering knowledge in the development of high-voltage and low-voltage systems for nanoFlowcell® applications.

Beneath the umbrella of nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd, we offer extensive and integrative R&D expertise in the development of hardware, software and service and technology solutions in the field of flow-cell based energy storage.

The development of energy storage solutions for mobile and stationary applications is not an isolated process, but one that demands the cooperation and interaction of various different disciplines. We are well versed in the complexity of advanced flow cell technology in its respective areas of application, as well as in the interdependency of different physical, chemical and thermodynamic processes and the associated production and structural requirements.

As an engineering service provider, we deliver not only innovative technology, we also know how production and processes must be shaped to meet the product and market demands of the future. This integrative approach and our interdisciplinary expertise enable us to deliver first-class performance – for example, in the evolution of electric mobility that is fit for the market, environment and society such as the sustainable path to the future provided by the development of our QUANT electric vehicles.

We love cars. And we love them even more when they are electrically powered. However, we don’t see ourselves as a manufacturer of electric vehicles, but as a research and development partner to industry for eco-friendly and sustainable energy solutions and innovative drive technologies.

nanoFlowcell IP AG

nanoFlowcell IP AG was formed at the beginning of 2016 from nanoFlowcell AG, founded in 2013. With the move from Liechtenstein to Switzerland, nanoFlowcell IP AG took over the patent and copyright administration associated with nanoFlowcell technology, bi-ION electrolyte liquid and the QUANT electric vehicles with low-voltage technology.

While nanoFlowcell IP AG is the contact point for all matters associated with the licensed production of our proprietary technologies and possible business cooperations, an administrative holding company – nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd headquartered in London – was established at the same time as part of a division of responsibilities. It now handles all the administrative tasks of the original nanoFlowcell AG.


nanoFlowcell Management AG

nanoFlowcell Management AG coordinates all interdisciplinary research and development work within the nanoFlowcell Group. It includes DigiLab, a digital research lab which works mainly on digital simulation as well as physical and numerical modelling of fundamental phenomena that occur in advanced and innovative flow cells. nanoFlowcell Management AG is also responsible for plans to build QUANT City, which is set to be a world-leading research and development centre for flow cell technology located in Switzerland. nanoFlowcell Management AG is also a contractor for external clients in areas such as the optimisation of software and IT-based processes and methods for digital simulation and modelling in the field of flow cell research.


nanoFlowcell Production GmbH

nanoFlowcell Production GmbH coordinates prototype build of the nanoFlowcell® and the various QUANT electric vehicles. In combination with our development expertise, nanoFlowcell Production GmbH functions as an interface between digital product development and physical production.

Alongside the actual product development process, nanoFlowcell Production GmbH offers expertise in the production of our nanoFlowcell technology and its associated production systems. We are thus able to work with our clients to plan the best production processes for the integration of our technology and to accompany their implementation. As you can see, what you get from us is not only technology, but also the expertise necessary to make efficient and effective use of it.