From vague idea to innovation

nanoFlowcell Holdings plc

As a research and development company, we set new standards for forward-looking AI and energy technologies and develop innovative applications for our nanoFlowcell® and n-AI technologies. Our current product portfolio encompasses the flow cell-based nanoFlowcell® and its complementary electrolyte liquid bi-ION® as well as the engineering expertise required to develop nanoFlowcell® applications. Regarding n-AI-based robotics, we are leading the effort to develop humaN48, humanoid robots that possess advanced cognitive abilities and superintelligence.

Innovation is born out of a creative, free spirit to try unconventional approaches coupled with a firm belief in the pursuit of a great vision. Because often, it’s the vague ideas that mark the beginning of a real breakthrough...

Under the umbrella of nanoFlowcell Holdings plc, we offer our innovation partners comprehensive and integrated R&D expertise in the development of hardware, software, service and technology solutions.

Developing energy systems for mobile and stationary applications is not an isolated process, but one that requires different disciplines to cooperate and dovetail with each other. We are well versed in the complexity of advanced flow cell technology and its various areas of application, both in terms of interdependencies between different physical, chemical and thermodynamic processes and in terms of production and structural requirements.

We are able to recognize the seed of innovation, particularly when it originates from our own R&D activities: nanoFlowcell® Artificial Intelligence (n-AI) forms the basis for future innovation research at nanoFlowcell Holdings plc.

As an engineering service provider, we not only deliver innovative technology, but we also know how production and processes must be designed to meet the product and market requirements of tomorrow. This integrated approach and our interdisciplinary expertise enable us to deliver first-class performance – particularly when it comes to driving the evolution of electric mobility in a way that is compatible with the market, the environment, and society. For example, the development of our QUANT electric vehicles points the way to a sustainable future of electric mobility. Another example of our pioneering work is humaN48, a superintelligent humanoidrobot that promises to revolutionize human-machine interaction.

We love the kind of innovations that help make the world a better place and contribute to social progress. Our role here is that of a research and development partner supporting business and industry in designing environmentally friendly, intelligent and forward-looking product solutions.

nanoFlowcell Management AG

nanoFlowcell Management AG coordinates all of the interdisciplinary research and development work of the nanoFlowcell Group. It runs nanoFlowcell’s current digital research laboratory, DigiLab, and manages the forward-looking QUANT City project – an interdisciplinary innovation center for flow cell technology and n-AI applications. nanoFlowcell Management AG is also a contractor for external clients in areas such as the optimization of digital processes or AI-based R&D methods for innovation research.

nanoFlowcell IP AG

nanoFlowcell IP AG was formed in early 2016 as a successor to nanoFlowcell AG, which was founded in 2013. The company is responsible for patent and copyright management in connection with the nanoFlowcell® technology, the bi-ION® electrolyte solution, QUANT electric vehicles with nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT low-voltage drives, n-AI products and humaN48. nanoFlowcell IP AG is the point of contact for all questions related to the licensed production of our proprietary technologies as well as business partnerships.

nanoFlowcell Production GmbH

nanoFlowcell Production GmbH holds the world manufacturer identification code for the production of QUANT vehicles. It acts as an interface between digital product development and physical vehicle construction. Alongside the actual product development process, nanoFlowcell Production GmbH offers expertise in designing production processes for products with integrated nanoFlowcell® or n-AI technology as well as in preparing product approval and series production processes. We can thus help our industry partners work out the exact production processes needed to integrate our technologies as early as the product planning stage, and we can also support them in implementing these processes for as early as the product planning stage quality assurance.