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nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP
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nanoFlowcell flow cell technology and complementary bi-ION electrolyte

QUANT-UP interior design

nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP Interior

Your Evolving Ride

The adaptable electric off-roader QUANT-UP that fits your lifestyle.

nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP interior
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP Interior
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

When connected to your home, the QUANT-UP Smart Grid Power Station module automatically identifies and validates the low- and high-voltage network. It's as effortless as plugging it in and allowing the nanoFlowcell® technology to take over.

QUANTiNO 25 Vehicle to Grid
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP Interior
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP
nanoFlowcell - QUANT-UP Interior



  • Body style: Coupé
  • Top speed (km/h): 290
  • Acceleration (0-100 km/h): 2.3 s
  • Transmission: Automatic


  • Fuel: Electric
  • 4x 140kW low-voltage-multiphase-permanent magnet brushless synchronous-motor
  • Maximum power kW (PS): 560 (760)
  • Maximum torque (Nm): 2,900 per wheel
  • Engineered and manufactured by nanoFlowcell

Flow Cell

  • Multiple parallel-connected flow cells
  • Power electronics components or systems designed and manufactured by nanoFlowcell
  • Engineered and manufactured by nanoFlowcell

Energy consumption

  • Tank volume (l): 2 x 375
  • Range (km): >2,200
  • Harmful emissions: 0


  • Width (mm): 2,095
  • Length (mm): 5,998
  • Height (mm): 1,887
  • Wheelbase (mm): 3,675
  • Weight (kg): 1,980

Wheels and tyres

  • Front: 265/35 ZR29″
  • Rear: 305/30 ZR29″

nanoFlowcell & bi-ION

nanoFlowcell involves the use of a irreversible flow cell system to generate electrical energy. In the context of vehicles, such as the QUANT series of electric cars, the nanoFlowcell technology employs a unique electrolyte liquid called bi-ION®. These electrolytes are positively and negatively charged.

nanoFlowcell - bi-ION functional still

Refuel as usual

Effortlessly refuel nanoFlowcell-powered electric vehicles with bi-ION®. The process mirrors traditional internal combustion refueling, with the distinction that nanoFlowcell vehicles simultaneously fill two separate tanks — one for positive and one for negative electrolyte solution.

  • No dedicated filling station network is needed

  • Existing stations require minimal modifications

  • bi-ION® is non-hazardous, avoiding challenges in production, transportation, and distribution

nanoFlowcell - QUANT 48Volt fuelling

Refueling process for a QUANT 48VOLT

The refueling time for a QUANT 48VOLT is comparable to filling a gas tank, so you won't be waiting around for long. Plus, with bi-ION® being non-hazardous, the entire process is safe and clean.