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Flow cell based energy technologies
Application Research

Human Robotics

We have made huge progress in recent years. humaN48 has little in common with the fictional robots which people once linked to artificial intelligence.

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Application Research


Clean energy for environmentally friendly mobility and ecologically sustainable transport and freight traffic. Who other than nanoFlowcell® could achieve this in such an uncompromising and efficient manner?

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Application Research

Mobile Energy

The aim of nanoFlowcell® is to make renewable energy transportable and available anywhere. Quickly, easily and reliably. And compatible with high-voltage and low-voltage systems.

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nanoFlowcell®: an energy solution which is part of the global climate system. Clean energy not only on land but also on water and out at sea.

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Buildings & Stationary

nanoFlowcell® provides energy for all needs – in houses, communities or entire cities. For laptops at home or the critical data storage systems used by banks and insurance companies.

Application Research


When it comes to achieving zero emissions above the clouds, the possibilities are endless. Peace of mind is important too – especially when a reliable energy supply is more important than simply being able to turn a light on or off.

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