Corporate Responsibility

Assuming responsibiltiy for our future

Our code of conduct

We live and act in the here and now while thinking ahead to our future. Where others formulate visions, we work on realities.

Thinking ahead

We all bear responsibility, not only for the society we live in today, but also for the generations to come. That’s why we take our entrepreneurial responsibility towards society seriously and are committed to addressing economic, environmental and social issues. Our world revolves around innovative energy storage technologies that provide people with electricity for their own mobility, for transporting all kinds of goods and for shaping their personal and professional lives.

We strive to offer the best technological solution to all our customers in each of our nanoFlowcell industry sectors. Our strong commitment to everything we do contributes to our reputation as a reliable partner that creates added value.

Tackling the challenges that face the world

Our dependency on fossil fuels and vehicles with internal combustion engines has become one of the greatest challenges of the modern day and one that must be addressed.

We know that mobility and electricity supply are fundamentals of life in our society. Therefore, we see our task as making mobility and the supply of electricity safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Our lean and efficient corporate structure, our unwavering commitment to quality, and the holistic, systemic and networked way we think and act enable us to bring technological innovations to maturity faster than others, placing us at the forefront of modern flow cell research.

Through our expertise in energy storage and energy conversion, we improve people’s lives today while also creating lasting value for future generations. We develop technologies that help protect the environment and people’s health and contribute to a high quality of life and increased personal safety.

Our nanoFlowcell® technology and bi-ION® energy carrier make mobile energy – and thus electric mobility – more environmentally friendly and sustainable, safer, more comfortable, and more affordable – on land, on water, and in the air.

Our understanding of sustainability
We aim to change the world by who we are, how we think and what we do. Sustainable and responsible business practices as well as social responsibility are deeply rooted in our corporate consciousness.

Making an impact

Our work impacts the future of entire industry sectors. Therefore, we don’t just work on present-day challenges, but we also explore trends and the directions they are taking.

With our products, technologies and services, we are contributing to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy storage and energy transportation. Our nanoFlowcell® technology makes applications safer and more affordable while increasing their efficiency and ease of use.

In the automotive industry and many other key industries, we are making substantial contributions to society – for example, by offering a mobile energy source to drive electric motors, back-up energy systems to bridge blackouts in the energy grid, or energy to off-grid homes and communities.

Responsible and sustainable business

We strive to strike a balance between economic, environmental, and social factors in every thing we do. When we develop new technologies and products, we always follow our sustainability principles and refine them further to offer our customers an attractive portfolio that meets their high environmental and social expectations.

Responsible and sustainable business practices strengthen our company because we transform them into concrete goals that apply across all functions and levels of our company. This challenges us to regularly reconsider established practices and gear our business activities toward creating durable value.

Stakeholder dialogue
Our company’s stakeholders comprise our customers, shareholders, and employees, society as a whole, as well as our partners and suppliers. We treat all of them honestly and fairly.


Public perception of our company is determined by our behavior and the way we present and portray ourselves. We base our conduct on ethical principles and shared values, and we behave with integrity in our dealings with shareholders, business partners, colleagues, and the general public. Dialogue with customers and interested members of the public takes place within the scope of wide-ranging activities such as motorshows and trade fairs, congresses and conferences, seminars, and other events. We also maintain an ongoing dialogue with our business partners by means of development partnerships and with the scientific community through joint research projects.

Climate protection requires initiative
Our innovative nanoFlowcell® technology enables environmentally friendly and sustainable electric mobility – so the consumption of fossil fuels in internal combustion engines can soon be a thing of the past.

Having the courage to change

Comprehensive environmental protection is a requirement that we place on all of our products and technologies – and it is also an integral part of our environmental and social responsibility as a company. We invest in research and development of technologies that will help eliminate carbon dioxide emissions.

The use of our innovative energy technology promotes environmentally friendly and sustainable electric mobility, so that the consumption of fossil fuels in combustion engines may soon be a thing of the past.

And our nanoFlowcell® technology also contributes to climate protection outside the automotive industry — wherever electric motors replace combustion engines or where nanoFlowcell® is used as an energy storage solution instead of energy generated by fossil fuels.

Materials that are plentiful on earth

Climate protection and sustainable business practices play an important role not only in the use of our products but also in the production of our technologies: nanoFlowcell® and its complementary bi-ION® electrolyte solution are produced without the aid of scarce raw materials. Both are made from materials that are plentiful on earth and are extracted and recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. They are also both free of substances that are hazardous to human health and the environment.