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Working on the world of tomorrow

Working on the world of tomorrow

Tomorrow’s world will be intelligently connected and fully electric: We will become part of a global, mutated smart grid through which we coordinate all our interactions with the outside world – at home or in the office, in the car or on the train, connected via a computerised global information network.

The force that holds all of this together is AI. The force that drives this is electricity. We are driven by simple questions: How can we shape the energy supply of our global society to be sustainable, safe and environmentally compatible? How can we use AI wisely, for the benefit of all of humanity?

People are our company’s most important asset. The creativity and inventive spirit of our employees are unique, and their knowledge is a decisive factor for our company's competence.

Whether for electric vehicle drives, energy storage systems or smart robotics applications: What we need is innovative ideas and creative solutions, innovations that make our world a better place.

As the world’s leading research and development company in the field of flow cell technology, we ensure – through our developments – that electrically powered vehicles are both comfortable and environmentally compatible, and that stationary electrical appliances work reliably and safely even during off-grid operation. With our robotics project humaN48, we are pioneers in the development of superintelligent robot applications.

Every moment is packed with new and exciting challenges and offers us a host of opportunities to adapt our products and services even more closely to the needs of our customers. Dedicated employees across all areas of the company – from research and development to production and sales – apply their expertise, their commitment and their passion to the international, innovation-driven success of nanoFlowcell Holdings plc.

We are leaders in what we do – that is, developing innovative energy and AI technologies – and can offer our customers unique product and service benefits in growing yet highly competitive markets. The key to this lies in the outstanding performance of each and every one of our employees and in their willingness to contribute to a team. Because success at nanoFlowcell is teamwork, borne by people who think ahead, are open to new ideas, share experiences and treat each other with respect.

We work in a lean organisation with efficient processes, and are constantly developing. At nanoFlowcell, we don’t just dream of a better future, we develop it. From our headquarters in London, nanoFlowcell Holdings plc manages and coordinates the research and development activities of the entire nanoFlowcell Group. As an innovative engineering company, we provide powerful impetus to international industry – and perhaps soon to your career, as well?

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