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QUANTiNO 25 Vehicle to Grid
QUANTiNO twentyfive

Smart Grid Power Station

Your Personalized Energy Solution

Seamless Home Integration

When connected to your home, the Smart Grid Power Station module automatically identifies and validates the low-voltage network. It's as effortless as plugging it in and allowing the cutting-edge nanoFlowcell® technology to take over.

Tailored Energy Generation

The Smart Grid Power Station aligns with local norms, producing precise energy levels. For instance, in Switzerland, where the technology was developed, it automatically delivers a consistent 230VAC at approximately 5 amperes directly to your home.

Energy On-Demand

This adaptable system automatically recognizes the specific low-voltage grid requirements of any country. It seamlessly supplies AC power, ensuring compatibility with diverse low-voltage grids. The system takes complete control over voltage and amperage adjustments, tailoring them precisely to match your individual energy demands.

Reliable Backup Solution

Be ready for any power outage with complete peace of mind. The Smart Grid Power Station is an unrivaled backup that guarantees a continuous energy supply and eradicates any concerns about power disruptions.

The need for mobile energy is increasing all the time. In many places, primary or secondary batteries or even diesel-powered generators are being used as energy sources to supply electricity for mobile applications. To date, there was no choice but to accept the downsides of these energy sources. nanoFlowcell® is a mobile energy source that offers an uncompromising alternative in many respects, one which can be optimally adapted to a wide range of requirement profiles.

Numerous mobile systems require mobile electricity. Most of them use primary or secondary batteries or even diesel-powered generators as energy sources to supply electricity for mobile applications. The systems range from construction machinery, pumping equipment for wells, mobile lighting systems for road and building construction and mobile cooling systems to telecommunication installations and mobile weather stations.

Primary and secondary batteries have a number of disadvantages including their short operating life, weight, gassing, self-discharging and thermal instability. At the same time, diesel-powered generators have a negative impact on the environment owing to noise and high emissions. To date, there was no choice but to accept these downsides as a compromise.

nanoFlowcell® offers a high-performance, economical alternative to primary and secondary battery systems and diesel or petrol-powered electricity generators for applications dependent on mobile energy. The most important attributes of nanoFlowcell® in this context are its reliability and low maintenance requirements (virtually no moving parts) and the fact that it is harmless to health and the environment, safe to use and cost-effective.

QUANTiNO 25 Vehicle to Grid
From driving force to energy provider: QUANTiNO twentyfive's Smart Grid Power Station module – connected to the house, now provides electricity for the entire home
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Introducing the QUANT Watch, a groundbreaking timepiece powered by the innovative nanoFlowcell® technology and complementary bi-ION® electroyte liquid.

nanoFlowcell - QUANT Watch

Mobile Electricity Supply

The benefits of nanoFlowcell® technology

  • Scalable size (capacity)

  • Long operating life, reliable and easy to maintain

  • nanoFlowcell® membrane with virtually unlimited shelf life and no loss of performance

  • bi-ION® electrolytes have a virtually unlimited shelf life and are not explosive, flammable or toxic

  • High system stability and safety during operation; not susceptible to thermal runaway

  • Zero emissions and noiseless (no negative impact on flora and fauna)

  • nanoFlowcell® is “charged” by refilling (fuelling) the bi-ION® electrolyte tanks

  • No transport restrictions (by road, rail, water or air)