nanoFlowcell Artificial Intelligence

Disruptive innovations are born when sudden advances in technology meet urgent societal needs.

Through the use of nanoFlowcell® technology in various industries, we have been able to learn more about those industries’ specific products as well as their purpose, allowing us to identify significant product improvements. We offer our industry partners to evaluate their products and applications to reveal untapped product potential. For instance, we can show how existing applications would benefit from n-AI and our algorithm compositions, or jointly create new smart innovations that can be adapted to the evolving needs of our society.

We have enhanced our powerful n-AI algorithms and multimodal cognitive software to develop humaN48, a humanoid robot with advanced cognitive capabilities and human motion patterns.

Aside from our human robotics project, we foresee our n-AI applications serving a wide range of market needs, for example in intelligent automated production processes, autonomous driving applications, assistance and service interfaces, as well as in medical care and therapy, education and training, and many other areas.

Our n-AI suite comprises universal rapid development tools as well as an API and SDK, and supports us in our product development as well as in our research. With our tools, we are able to develop customised AI personalities and robotic platforms for a wide range of applications.

Since the early days of nanoFlowcell Holdings and the establishment of our DigiLab in 2001, we have been using digital technologies and AI to solve real-world challenges and make our research and development processes more efficient. Our n-AI toolset includes deep neural networks, cognitive perception and deep learning methods. Together with our n-AI processes, they form the backbone of one of the most advanced R&D facilities in the world, which has produced technological innovations such as the nanoFlowcell®, bi-ION® and humaN48.