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Welcome to QUANT City

International center of excellence for innovation technologies and AI product strategies

Change of perspective

QUANT City represents for a change of perspective in modern research and development towards increasing the sustainability and social and environmental value of technologies. The center embodies our innovative mindset and the open innovation culture at nanoFlowcell: Together with international business and science partners, we work on sustainable future technologies and product strategies.

Room for experimentation

QUANT City provides room for experimentation; it is a kind of exploratory playground for innovation research in the fields of energy technologies and AI applications. In addition to discovering new technologies, we also evaluate their impact on society, the environment and the economy – always with an eye on future generations.

Technology innovations

QUANT City is our vision of an international center of excellence for flow cell technology that brings global research and development resources and experts together under one roof to create technological innovations that will make a valuable contribution towards environmentally friendly economic and social development.

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The future of research begins in QUANT City

QUANT City is the first innovation center of its kind. This is a completely new approach to integrated research and application development for flow cell technologies and AI applications. Instead of clustered and inefficient structures, there is international exchange and cooperation between researchers, scientists and developers from a wide range of disciplines. QUANT City is a collaborative model that serves as a catalyst for innovation, testing flexible models of collaboration to generate application know-how and accelerate the spread of flow cell technology.

QUANT City plan illustrationQUANT City plan illsutration
1. nanoFlowcell Center – 2. Semiconductor production – 3. nanoFlowcell® flow cell production – 4. bi-ION® Production – 5. QUANT Assembly Centre – 6. Innovation Labs – 7. QUANT Academy
nanoFlowcell - QUANT City

nanoFlowcell Tower

The nanoFlowcell Tower is the heart of QUANT City, housing the research and development departments and all administrative functions such as General Management, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources and Legal and Facilities.

A key role in our research and development work falls to DigiLab – one of the world’s most advanced digital research, development and engineering facilities working with cutting-edge virtual reality methods and nanoFlowcell’s own software processes and AI algorithms. DigiLab enables us to digitally simulate processes in the areas of chemical physics, solid-state physics, quantum physics (including non-linear quantum effects), high-energy physics, nuclear physics, plasma physics, electrodynamics and hydrodynamics.

Our consistent use of digital technologies and the integration of smart digital modeling, simulation and prototyping processes allow us to carry out our research and development activities more quickly, precisely and efficiently.

Expected floor space = 40,000 square meters

Semiconductor production

nanoFlowcell® applications would be unthinkable without semiconductor technology. For example, n-AI applications like the humaN48 can sometimes require more than 1,500 microprocessors. nanoFlowcell has therefore decided to set up its own semiconductor production facility in QUANT City to free itself from the dependence on fragile international supply chains. The technical prerequisites for cleanroom production are already in place due to the similar production environment used to manufacture the nanoFlowcell® membrane.

The integration of chip manufacturing allows nanoFlowcell to independently control the quality and quantity of essential components for nanoFlowcell® and n-AI applications. At the same time, nanoFlowcell can reduce the potential environmental hazard of its semiconductor production to a level that goes beyond the applicable standards by keeping the amount of environmentally hazardous substances produced, used and emitted during the manufacture of microelectronic components to a minimum.

Expected floor space = 20,000 square meters

nanoFlowcell - QUANT City
nanoFlowcell - QUANT City

nanoFlowcell® flow cell production

The development of nanoFlowcell® has given flow cell technology the power to make regenerative energy mobile. nanoFlowcell® opens up new technical possibilities in a wide range of applications — from electric mobility to off-grid power supply and from kW to GWh. nanoFlowcell® provides energy that is not only environmentally friendly but also practical and safe to handle.

The production of nanoFlowcell® is fully automated and meets the highest standards for personal safety, health and environmental protection. Ourproduction line permits a variety of different flow cell options with regard to scalability as well as low- and high-voltage system architectures

Membrane production takes place under cleanroom conditions similar to those used in the production of chips; the production facility also comprises a number of installations for surface nanostructuring and nano-analytics.

Expected floor space = 30,000 square meters distributed over five floors

bi-ION® Production

bi-ION® is a liquid energy storage solution that makes renewable energies mobile. It is a form of energy that is environmentally friendly and harmless to health. bi-ION® unlocks new prospects for the use of regenerative energies – on land, on water, and in the air.

More than ten years of research went into bi-ION® before the electrolyte solution was ready for mass production. The largely automated bi-ION® production plant has a capacity of around 3 million litres per day. The modular set-up of the complex production cycle offers maximum flexibility for future technological updates or upscaling. All raw materials used for the production of bi-ION® are toxicologically safe and freely available on the world markets; throughout the production chain, nanoFlowcell uses environmentally sound production methods that meet or even exceed industry standards regarding toxicological safety and environmental impact. No environmentally harmful waste or by-products are generated during the production of bi-ION®.

Expected floor space = 65,000 square meters distributed over seven floors

nanoFlowcell - QUANT City
nanoFlowcell - QUANT City

QUANT Assembly Centre

Our QUANT 48VOLT is the first low-voltage electric sports car powered by a flow cell. The 48-volt low-voltage drive technology we have developed is without equal in the automotive industry. With their nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT EV drives, the QUANT 48VOLT and QUANTiNO 48VOLT demonstrate the superiority of nanoFlowcell® low-voltage technology over the high-voltage BEV technology commonly used in the industry. Electric vehicles equipped with nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT provide a high level of functional safety, production and maintenance efficiency as well as straightforward vehicle homologation. They exemplify the opportunities that nanoFlowcell® offers for global mobility: economic, environmental and social sustainability, no harmful emissions and a drive energy that is free of power politics.

Expected floor space = 50,000 square meters on the ground floor

Innovation Labs

Our application research provides us with complementary technological and scientific expertise that benefits our innovation partners. It enables them to develop and design nanoFlowcell®- or n-AI-specific applications much more efficiently. In this way, our holistic R&D approach becomes a strategic value driver, providing sustainable and continuous added value to the company. With our innovation labs, we help companies from a wide range of industries to innovate and uncover new product portfolios and business opportunities arising from the use of nanoFlowcell® and n-AI technology.

The innovation labs can replicate a complete nanoFlowcell® or n-AI value chain for individual industry sectors; development, production and deployment of new AI and nanoFlowcell® applications can be simulated and tested before the products go into series production and are launched on the market. Continuous application research drives the company’s progressive growth through the incremental development of new applications; as an innovation leader, we are able to generate sustainable revenues from our patent and licensing business.

Expected floor space = 20,000 square meters distributed over two floors

nanoFlowcell - QUANT City

QUANT Academy

Nestled in the United States, QUANT Academy specializes in flow cell technology education within its School of Engineering and Technology. Here, students gain expertise in this cutting-edge field, culminating in a degree and a pathway to join nanoFlowcell for hands-on experience. Collaboration with other universities further enriches their knowledge, making QUANT Academy a prime choice for aspiring flow cell technologists.

QUANT Academy