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nanoFlowcellNew Thinking for Clean Energy. Eco-friendly. Practical. Safe.


nanoFlowcell® marks the start of the modern era of mobile energy carriers. A compact flow cell with scalable output for a variety of applications. Powerful enough to drive sports cars fully electrically. Cost-effective, for affordable e-mobility. Environmentally compatible for sustainable use. Absolutely safe - in use and to health. In combination with bi-ION, nanoFlowcell® surpasses all currently available battery technologies for static and mobile applications.

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bi-ION is a liquid energy storage medium with an energy density comparable to that of the very latest lithium-ion batteries. Yet, in contrast to these, it is also thermally safe and environmentally compatible. bi-ION is the first environmentally friendly mobile energy source that conserves resources and it is utterly harmless to health, opening up brand new opportunities for electric mobility – on land, on water and in the air - as well for grid and off-grid energy.

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The low-voltage driveline architecture developed by nanoFlowcell Holdings for electric vehicles is unique within the automotive industry. The QUANT prototype vehicles with integrated nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT technology demonstrate the potential of the nanoFlowcell® low-voltage drive technology – powerful and eco friendly and at the same time increased functional safety, lower production costs, and easier vehicle homologation.

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Top Story

25 Years Research & Development

A lot has changed since Nunzio La Vecchia launched his independent research firm in 1996.  What hasn’t changed throughout the life of the Swiss R&D firm is always having a spectacular innovation mindset and the power to deliver world changing technologies. In this interview we talk with Nunzio La Vecchia, CEO nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd, about highlights, challenges and milestone achievements over the years and what the anniversary means to him.

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25 Years Research & Development

A lot has changed since Nunzio La Vecchia launched his independent research firm in 1996.  What hasn’t changed throughout the life of the Swiss R&D firm is always having a spectacular innovation mindset and the power to deliver world changing... more

QUANT 48VOLT - new e-mobility thinking

From the outside, the QUANT 48VOLT looks like a solid sports car in the classic 2+2 GT format. Except that neither an eight- nor a 12-cylinder engine is grumbling and roaring. A state-of-the-art nanoFlowcell® electric drive does its job as quiet as... more

12.5 times around the world

12.5 times around the world is five hundred thousand kilometres! The QUANTiNO has shown what its state-of-the-art power source is capable of. Powered by a nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT low-voltage electric drive, the test car passed the 500,000 kilometres... more

La Vecchia: “A little nanoFlowcell® doesn't work”

How close is the nanoFlowcell® flow cell to market readiness? When will production start of the first QUANT electric vehicles? How realistic is a nanoFlowcell® power station? FLOWmag speaks to Nunzio La Vecchia, CEO of nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd.... more

QUANT 48VOLT – Autumn Test

The future of e-mobility comes in the impressive shell of an QUANT 48VOLT. More impressive is the performance of the nanoFlowcell 48VOLT low-voltage drive in the QUANT 48VOLT - the lightest, safest, most environmentally compatible and economical... more

bi-ION – Energy of the Future

nanoFlowcell’s flow cell energy is clean and environmentally friendly energy produced from a ground-breaking new electrolyte liquid called bi-ION. bi-ION is the result of two decades of research and development in the field of molecular... more

Flow Cell Power – 1,000 km in 8:21 Hours

Farther – faster – greener! QUANTiNO with nanoFlowcell drive achieves the impossible for electric cars: 1,000 km in 8:21 hours! With the drive based on modern flow cell technology, the young R&D company is demonstrating to automakers how... more

nanoFlowcell at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show has established itself as one of the world’s most important automotive trade fairs. The last one hundred years have seen many automotive trends born here, plenty of oddities presented and a wealth of automotive technological... more

300 km/h in The World’s First Electric Sports Car with 48 V Low-Voltage Flow Cell Drive

A true eye-catcher in the shape of the world’s fastest eco sports car: QUANT 48VOLT is made to rethink the prevailing one-way approach to E-mobility. QUANT 48VOLT is the prototype of a new generation of low-voltage electric vehicles. It is equipped... more

350,000 test kilometres in the QUANTiNO 48VOLT

Are you looking for good reasons why a flowcell makes sense as the energy supplier in an electric car? The QUANTiNO 48VOLT has more than 350,000 of them. That’s how many kilometres the nanoFlowcell® test vehicle has covered to date. Every single... more

Accelerating Change – QUANTiNO in the Fast Lane

Research needs unexpectedly bring the long sought-after breakthrough with the QUANTiNO. Its nanoFlowcell low-voltage drive delivers compelling results without cost-intensive and heavy supercaps serving as energy buffers. What started out as an... more

Modern Steam Engines

E-mobility critics are questioning the environmental compatibility and sustainability of alternative energy vehicles. Electric cars are, for many, a mediocre compromise of zero-emissions driving with “dirty” energy and environmentally harmful... more

nanoFlowcell in Action – Journalists Drive QUANT Prototypes for First Time

QUANT FE und QUANTiNO stellen sich einem kritischen Medienpublikum: Erste Testfahrten mit den nanoFlowcell-Prototypen geben Ausblick auf die Elektromobilität der Zukunft.... more

1,167-Kilometre Test Drive in the QUANTiNO

Extensive test cycles are reaching end phase. nanoFlowcell has been fine tuned to a mobile environment – the most advanced electric vehicle on roads today. Join QUANTiNO on one of his recent test drives - 1,167 kilometre on Swiss highways.... more

The Spectre of High Voltage. Down with the Volts!

Scared of high voltage in cars? In the field of electric mobility, there was previously no alternative to high-voltage traction systems. However, the nanoFlowcell low-voltage drive system enables a high-performance powertrain to operate at low... more

Full Speed Ahead up a Dead End

Electric mobility has an acceptance problem. Technological concepts are inadequate and political solutions insufficiently stringent. Between expedient optimism on the part of industry and non-strategic activity on the political side, the... more

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way?

Governments want to push forward the development and proliferation of renewable energies with financial incentive programmes and statements of political will. Yet the path to green progress is covered with political stumbling blocks. Complex... more

Schrödinger’s cat is dead – long live Schrödinger’s cat

For physicists, the state of health of Schrödinger’s cat is a fascinating thought exercise in the quantum-mechanical view of the world. A company like nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd, on the other hand, embraces the knowledge of quantum-mechanical... more

Many Alternatives, but No Solution

CNG, hydrogen, batteries – there are plenty of alternatives to petrol and diesel. However, things are not really progressing. Have politics and industry become bogged down by alternatives? Which vehicle drives are actually truly sustainable and... more

Like a Phoenix from the Ashes

Disruptive innovations start out as small, niche innovations and often go on to spark a market revolution. The success stories of disruptive innovations are not written by the large, established corporations, but by small, young companies such as... more

Technological Rough Diamond

Despite decades of university research projects and billions in funding support, the enormous potential of the flow cell still has to be realized. In their latest study “Global Flow Battery Market 2016-2020” the analysts from TechNavio - Infiniti... more

Plenty of Electric, but Only One True Innovation

Electric cars bask in the show spotlight, under the admiring gaze of visitors to the Geneva Motor Show. But behind the wonderful gloss, the outlook is gloomy.... more

Is Electromobility Running Out of Power?!

The “STROMbegleitung” (electricity evaluation) study forecasts that the expansion of electromobility will fail due to raw material bottlenecks in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. Experts are thus calling for an intensification of... more

What is nanoFlowcell®? And why is the answer to the ultimate question not 42?

The flow cell technology of nanoFlowcell will score the ecological hattrick of forward-looking energy production and storage that is clean, sustainable and cost efficient.... more

The QUANTiNO – Stunning Urban Sports Car with Environmental Awareness

The QUANTiNO is the latest scion of nanoFlowcell AG, pairing contemporary luxury and eco-power to create a new vision of electromobility.... more

The “Redox” Principle

nanoFlowcell AG enabled the first use of a battery system with flow cell technology in an automotive application with the patent-pending nanoFlowcell®, a revolutionary development of the already tried-and-tested flow cell technology.... more

Electromobility – Yesterday’s Vision?

In the beginning, there was the electric vehicle – and with nanoFlowcell®, the vision of sustainable and clean mobility is now finally possible.... more

Nunzio La Vecchia on His Motivation and the Origins of the QUANTiNO

Nunzio La Vecchia, Chief Technology Officer nanoFlowcell AG... more