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25 years of innovations made by nanoFlowcell

Research + Development

Innovation Labs

Innovating by thinking in radically different ways: We create groundbreaking technological innovations that fundamentally transform existing markets or give rise to completely new ones. One of our main challenges in this process is to reconcile conflicting ecological and economic needs for the common good.

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Application Research

As we adapt our technologies to existing products and product environments, we acquire new insights, gain new knowledge about materials and test unconventional methods. We ensure that our application-related insights are systematically verifiable, evaluate additional technical options and help our innovation partners put this knowledge into practice for use in series production.

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Research + Development


We bring product innovations to series production readiness. Our virtual-reality DigiLab allows us to design development processes that are lean, cost-effective and efficient. Many years of development work have gone into our AI and software tools for the digitalization of analogue product experiences. With digital prototyping and testing, we can speed up the concept phase and avoid costly mistakes in the product development process.

Research + Development Prototyping
Research + Development InnovationResearch + Development ApplicationResearch + Development Prototyping

25 years of innovations made by nanoFlowcell

Technological innovation helps improve our living conditions. With our far-reaching technological discoveries, we offer solutions to pressing social, ecological and economic challenges.

Our technical advances and the resulting value added contribute to securing our social well-being and industrial prosperity in the spirit of a green economy where society, economic activity and the environment coexist in harmony. The greatest challenge for any innovation, however, is to convince people to embrace the changes it brings with it.

Founded in 1996 as an independent research and development company, nanoFlowcell Holdings plc (NFC) is renowned today for its uncompromising innovation and world-changing technologies in the fields of energy storage, artificial intelligence (n-AI) and robotics.

nanoFlowcell Excellence in R+D - 25 Years