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nanoFlowcell - QUANT Watch

Showcasing Scalability

The QUANT Watch stands as the prime example of the scalability of nanoFlowcell® technology, showcasing its potential to revolutionize energy storage and usage across various applications.

powered by

nanoFlowcell flow cell technology and complementary bi-ION electrolyte

nanoFlowcell - QUANT Watch

Time does not fly. It flows.

With the QUANT Watch, you're not just wearing a watch; you're embracing a future of clean energy and sustainable living. A perfect blend of technology and style, powered by the endless possibilities of nanoFlowcell® and bi-ION®.

Electromagnetic Precision

The QUANT Watch is powered by nanoFlowcell® and bi-ION® electrolytes. The produced electricity generates an electromagnetic field that moves the hands.


With a minimum runtime of seven days, this innovative timepiece ensures reliable performance without the need for frequent recharging.

No mechanics

The QUANT Watch redefines traditional watchmaking by eliminating the conventional movement mechanism. Unlike classic timepieces, it contains no mechanical components.

Classic Meets Future

nanoFlowcell - QUANT Watch


nanoFlowcell - QUANT Watch
Red Gold
Black PVD
Lead crystal
White silver
4 bi-ION® containers
Membrane: Visible nanoFlowcell® micro membrane pumps for precise fluid control
Electromagnetic field for hand movement, no watch mechanics
Photosensors on the indices that light up according to light intensity
Hand center ruby, backlit with LED
Plus and Minus bi-ION® electrolyte
Backlit with LED lighting
nanoFlowcell - QUANT Watch
no mechanics

Electromagnetic fields

The QUANT Watch breaks the mold of traditional timepieces.  It utilizes the innovative nanoFlowcell® technology and bi-ION® electrolytes to generate electricity, powering the watch's movement.

A continuous flow of bi-ION® electrolytes creates an electromagnetic field, which precisely drives the watch hands. This eliminates the need for conventional batteries and watch mechanics, offering a whole new approach to keeping perfect time.

nanoFlowcell - QUANT Watch
nanoFlowcell - QUANT Watch
Precision timekeeping, without the burden of mechanics
nanoFlowcell - QUANT Watch

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