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Process of establishing the series production

QUANTiNO twentyfive explo-animation
The New QUANT explo-animation

Establishing the series production

As a research and development company, our primary focus lies in advancing the series production of nanoFlowcell® technology. While we continually explore new applications for nanoFlowcell®, we approach our research from an integrative standpoint, viewing nanoFlowcell® not just as a standalone technology, but as a pivotal energy source.

In pursuit of establishing a robust series production, we consistently evaluate the holistic system in which our technology operates. A prime example is seen in the development of the QUANT twentyfive and The New QUANT. In these instances, we took a comprehensive approach, meticulously designing the entire electric drive system from the ground up. This meticulous process ensures a seamless integration between the drive system and the energy source.

The outcome of our efforts is the revolutionary nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT drive concept, incorporating cutting-edge low-voltage technology. This breakthrough not only achieves zero-emissions mobility but also delivers outstanding performance. Our commitment to series production is evident in every aspect of the innovative nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT drive concept, marking a significant stride towards realizing our vision for efficient and sustainable mobility.

QUANT Production - essential foundation that catalyzes enhanced results and optimized manufacturing efficiency

The seamless adaptation and integration of nanoFlowcell® into existing electric vehicle concepts represent a remarkably straightforward process. Thanks to the modular design inherent in nanoFlowcell®, the need for extensive vehicle modifications is significantly minimized. This design flexibility not only streamlines the integration process but also liberates future electric vehicle designs from the constraints imposed by rigid and heavy battery packs, as well as stringent safety requirements associated with tanks containing highly explosive fuels.

Our commitment to advancing electric vehicle technology is underscored by our extensive component expertise. We possess the necessary knowledge and skills to seamlessly integrate nanoFlowcell® technology into a diverse array of electric vehicle concepts. This adaptability ensures that the benefits of nanoFlowcell® can be harnessed across various vehicle platforms, fostering a new era of electric mobility that prioritizes efficiency, flexibility, and design innovation.