Aerospace Applications

Emissions free above the clouds

Emissions free above the clouds - a must, no doubts!

Modern aircraft have a large number of batteries on board. These are the same lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones and laptops. Experience shows that these types of battery have a tendency for thermal collapse – the battery heats up, melts and starts to burn.

nanoFlowcell® offers greater safety in highly sensitive, safety-critical applications such as aviation as thermal runaway is technically impossible. nanoFlowcell® could permanently replace unstable lithium-ion batteries in aircraft in the near future, offering a major increase in operational safety with comparable performance.

As an energy storage medium, nanoFlowcell® can supply power to on-board devices in aircraft while serving as an emergency power supply for on-board generators.

In more compact applications such as quadcopters, nanoFlowcell® generates clean drive energy. In professional settings with unmanned transport and freight drones, the autonomous bi-ION® refuelling system reliably ensures virtually uninterrupted operation. Electrically powered drone applications with a nanoFlowcell® system ensure greater safety, reliability and ease of maintenance.

Most people have never heard of transport drones. But this could soon change. In the not too distant future, civilian drones will be as common as taxis and delivery vans are today. With nanoFlowcell®, we are ready to supply the clean, sustainable energy needed to support the evolution of urban transport.

Aerospace Applications

The benefits of nanoFlowcell® technology

  • Improved energy density, longevity, immunity to deep discharge

  • High system stability, low maintenance, easy handling and safe to use

  • Thermal collapse impossible, neither flammable nor explosive

  • Low weight

  • Low wear and easy to maintain

  • No outgassing

  • Not harmful to health or the environment