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"It is our belief that technology must not make any compromises ...

Ever since we started our research and development activities in 1996, our consistent use of smart technologies has enabled us to carry out research and development work faster, more precisely and more efficiently. To further expand our leading market position and keep up with the complexity of our research fields, we are continuously refining our digital R&D methods.

By incorporating cutting-edge XR and AI technologies, we have not only accelerated our scientific calculations, minimized error rates, and facilitated the analysis of extensive data sets, but we have also been able to explore novel solutions for highly intricate challenges. Our n-AI algorithms play an increasingly pivotal role in streamlining our R&D and optimizing research processes.

The nanoFlowcell® AI system, or n-AI, offers a significant advantage in enhancing material development production. For instance, we leverage n-AI technology to expedite the synthesis and testing of new materials, enabling rapid insights into how molecular properties are influenced by their physical and chemical structures.

Consequently, we accelerate the development and advancement of revolutionary technologies, exemplified by the membrane structures for our nanoFlowcell® and potent new molecules for our bi-ION® electrolyte solution.

… especially in a world where technology and our understanding of chemistry, physics, and materials science have grown overwhelmingly complex. It is our responsibility to find ways to master this complexity."

During our R&D efforts, we saw room for improvement. While considering electric vehicle power systems and adapting our high-voltage nanoFlowcell® to a low-voltage function, our engineers pioneered the world's first road-legal low-voltage electric drive system. Our nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT system offers superior safety, lighter weight, better cost, and enhanced performance compared to high-voltage alternatives.

This commitment to smarter, cleaner, and more efficient products extends to our work in other areas. In recent years, our advances in AI and machine learning have been notable as we’ve made gains in developing applications in robotics, intelligent production automation, energy distribution systems, and enhanced autonomous drive systems. Our n-AI is now integral to these applications, making them smarter and aligning with our goal to foster a sustainable and harmonious economy, society, and environment.

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nanoFlowcell® + bi-ION®

Cutting-edge energy technology featuring a high-performance electrolyte solution for both mobile and stationary applications.

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Artificial Intelligence

Our steadfast utilization of AI and digital R&D tools positions us as one of the most influential innovators globally.

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48-Volt Technology

Our 48-volt low-voltage drive technology is distinguished by its inherent safety and uncompromising performance.

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