QUANT Academy

Education for flow cell technologies and n-AI applications

The aim of the QUANT Academy is to encourage national and international partnerships in the areas of research, science and education for flow cell technologies and n-AI applications and to shape progress when it comes to product design and new production methods.

The QUANT Academy brings together scientists and researchers in the fields of flow cell research and n-AI applications from all over the world. It establishes research capacities and improves the efficiency of scientific research activities.

The QUANT Academy has the following tasks:

  • Increasing contact with existing research and development bodies to encourage international research partnerships
  • Expanding the existing network with new research and development partners to encourage the sharing of technologies and knowledge
  • Promoting projects focusing on innovations and sustainability at the interfaces between science and industry
  • Transferring knowledge and coordinating know-how in the aforementioned scientific areas

The activities of the QUANT Academy focus on the following areas:

  • R&D management – in order to cope with new global technological challenges, it is important to further develop existing n-AI-based R&D tools and processes.
  • Product development – a multidisciplinary approach in product development for uncompromising functionality, reliability, safety and sustainability.
  • High-performance materials – collaboration in the field of materials development for innovative, environmentally friendly materials offering new functions and better performance.
  • Technological progress in manufacturing processes – the focus here is on VR simulation, digital prototyping and additive manufacturing.
  • Innovative technologies and new business models – innovative technologies usually require new, innovative sales and service structures. These business models, many of them disruptive, emphasize the uniqueness of products and services and create added value which goes beyond that of the existing business models.
  • Partnership strategies – international platform for partnerships between researchers from industry and universities as well as a centre for education and sharing knowledge in the relevant scientific fields.