nanoFlowcell Holdings becomes a public limited company

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Open letter from the management on the corporate transformation of nanoFlowcell Holdings into a public limited company

Dear readers and friends of nanoFlowcell!

Some of you will already have noticed that our company has undergone a transformation: On 1 August 2021, nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd became nanoFlowcell Holdings plc. This means we are now a public limited company under British law.

Please allow me to explain the details of this important step for our company, as I am sure many of you will be interested in learning some more.

In terms of content, the corporate transformation changes only little, if anything, for us: We are still a research and development company with a scientific focus on environmentally compatible energy technologies and AI-based applications. While our annual financial statements will be more complicated to prepare, they will also allow us to be more transparent towards our stakeholders about how we conduct our business. In most business transactions, after all, transparency trumps blind trust.

In the course of our corporate transformation, we have electronically securitised the assets of nanoFlowcell Holdings and received international securities identification numbers (ISINs) in return. Fungible securities are a form of currency used to make our assets tradable. This has strengthened our position as a negotiating and business partner in the international competitive environment. As far as the different options for our company’s future development are concerned, we now have all the prerequisites in place to embark on a more far-reaching international expansion. Development partnerships are just as much a possibility as strategic acquisitions or an IPO.

First, however, it is important for us to lay the groundwork for the commercialisation of our nanoFlowcell® energy technology. Our main priority in this regard is to set up our first bi-ION® volume production facility. To be able to offer a convincing business model, we must be capable of supplying nanoFlowcell® applications – such as QUANT electric vehicles or stationary nanoFlowcell® power units – with our bi-ION® electrolyte solution on an ongoing basis anywhere it is needed. Mass production of bi-ION® is part of our QUANT City project, details of which can be found elsewhere on our website.

As you can see, even if some of you may feel we are too “quiet” in our communications, we are “quietly” working away on the success of our innovations and our company.

You can look forward to lots of exciting news from our innovation labs. Before the end of this year, we will unveil our new QUANTiNO twentyfive. Over the course of more than 500,000 test kilometres since 2014, we have almost perfected the nanoFlowcell® electric drive, and we are delighted to be able to present to you THE alternative to the current generation of electric vehicles.

In addition, we took over the technical lead on a unique robotics project at the start of the year. As a development partner to an international consortium of scientists, engineers and investors, we are working on the development of a superintelligent humanoid robot: humaN48. Our nanoFlowcell®, which we have adapted specifically to the robot’s architecture, gives humaN48 the greatest possible autonomy and allows it to operate almost without interruption. We will be sharing exciting insights from the development process and our collaboration on humaN48 before the year is over.

We look forward to an exciting time ahead!

Best regards

Nunzio La Vecchia
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer
nanoFlowcell Holdings plc