QUANTiNO twentyfive

One who can do what no other can do

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We eagerly anticipate the future, look forward to the arrival of a car that is no less than the best electric sports car ever. nanoFlowcell Holdings has already begun working on building the QUANTiNO twentyfive. The qualities of the new flow cell electric car can be summed up with the words “better, faster, further”. Discover the details here.

2,000 kilometre electric range

After 25 years of independent research and development rich in innovation, nanoFlowcell Holdings plc is planning its next technological sensation: QUANTiNO twentyfive. Powered by a revolutionary new nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT electric drive system, the electric vehicle will be capable of ranges of up to 2,000 kilometres – fully electric with clean energy, without any harmful emissions, climate-neutral and entirely without a battery!

Since 2015, the QUANTiNO 48VOLT has repeatedly proven the capabilities of the nanoFlowcell® drive technology. The QUANTiNO twentyfive will make its own unique mark and highlight the independent concept underlying the NFC approach in electric car development.

We are not working towards a specific end goal. We are working on continuous improvement. Targeting a range of 2,000 kilometres reflects the progress we have achieved with our nanoFlowcell® technology.
Nunzio La Vecchia
CEO & CTO nanoFlowcell Holdings plc
QUANTiNO twentyfive - Studio rendering
QUANTiNO twentyfive by nanoFlowcell Holdings plc

The world’s first all-electric car without batteries

The 2+2 Roadster is the first fully electric car which runs entirely without a battery. In the course of the development, a decision was made to forego using a lithium-ion starter battery given concerns regarding the environmental balance. Instead, a compact electrolytic capacitor is integrated into the electric vehicle’s starter system. During the starting process, this powers up the nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT electric drive. Once started, the nanoFlowcell® supplies the energy to four 60 kW low-voltage electric motors and the consumers in the 48-volts vehicle network.

The key technical innovations in the QUANTiNO twentyfive all target even greater driving comfort, safety and performance.

The new nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT E-Drive is now even more efficient and the innovative low-voltage motors with integrated power electronics are even more powerful. The fully-electric nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT E-Drive will accelerate the roadster from 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 2.5 seconds thanks to four newly designed multiphase low-voltage electric motors.

The only intelligent charging technology for electric vehicles is refueling!

Innovative multiphase low-voltage electric motors

As such, NFC also solves the problem of high currents in performance-oriented low-voltage electric drives such as the QUANTiNO twentyfive drive system. Despite the fact that the individual motor performance has been reduced in comparison to the QUANTiNO 48VOLT (1 x 80 kW), the overall output of the all-wheel drive e-sports car with four 60 kW motors has been tripled.

The two 125-litre bi-ION® electrolyte tanks are installed in the QUANTiNO twentyfive as compact floor tanks. They enable the vehicle the transport of even more energy in the form of electrolytes than the QUANTiNO 48VOLT. In addition, the low centre of gravity positively influences the vehicle’s handling.

Unlike conventional electric vehicles, which have to recharge their batteries at charging stations, the nanoFlowcell® flow cell in the QUANTiNO twentyfive is refuelled at petrol pumps, similar to vehicles with combustion engines. Yet in contrast to conventional fuels, the QUANTiNO twentyfive’s bi-ION fuel is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-flammable.

The efficient nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT E-Drive and the standard quantity of bi-ION® fuel carried will enable the QUANTiNO twentyfive to achieve ranges of up to 2,000 kilometres - without stopping to recharge!

QUANTiNO twentyfive - Studio rendering
QUANTiNO twentyfive by nanoFlowcell Holdings plc

QUANTiNO twentyfive is an electric performance car that demands no compromises from drivers when it comes to performance, range, practicality and environmental friendliness.

Designed to inspire

QUANTiNO twentyfive embodies the motto of “designed to inspire” in more ways than one. The striking QUANT design highlights the electric vehicle’s sporty character: light, fast, open top. It inspires with its modern interpretation of an open 2+2 roadster and authentically expresses qualities such as freedom and the joy of driving. Practical sophistication for an exceptional electric vehicle that promises to deliver driving pleasure without harmful emissions, powered by clean electricity generated using environmentally friendly energy sources.

The truly special features are often and seen. Did you know that seawater, waste water or even industrial waste water can serve as the basis for the bi-ION® electrolyte fuel? Our water treatment plant purifies this into pure, resource-saving process water that we can supplied to the bi-ION® production process. The bi-ION® electrolyte fuel largely consists of water in order to make it pumpable. However, essential element is the suspended nano-structured bi-ION® molecules. These are specifically-designed, performance-optimised charge carriers developed to portably store regenerative energy. This fuel is then used to generate clean electricity in the nanoFlowcell®. Resource-saving, with no harmful emissions, non-toxic, non-flammable, no health risks.

bi-ION® is the future’s number 1 energy carrier.

nanoFlowcell Holdings plc is currently working intensively on the large-scale production of the bi-ION® electrolyte fuel. This will lay the foundation for introducing and rapidly propagating nanoFlowcell® powered electric vehicles together with further nanoFlowcell® applications. bi-ION® production represents both a key part of the newly emerging QUANT City innovation centre and the blueprint for other possible production facilities around the globe.

We will continue covering the development and production of this exceptional vehicle here. Stay tuned!