"We tailor QUANTiNO twentyfive for U.S. market."

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Last year, nanoFlowcell Holdings plc announced the establishment of its U.S. subsidiary. Before the end of this year, CEO La Vecchia aims to make plans for the construction of QUANT-City in the USA, NFC's R&D center of excellence for flow cell technology as well as AI-based QUANT applications. The first nanoFlowcell® product to reach US market readiness will be the QUANTiNO twentyfive.

NFC is neither a classic manufacturer nor a supplier for any specific industry. As a research and development company, NFC has developed nanoFlowcell® energy technology solutions for various industries, both for stationary and mobile energy supply. These include electric vehicles, product solutions for off-grid power supply and back-up power supply, and mobile robotics.

The newly established subsidiary in the USA will play a key role in this in the future, as this is where the interfaces between planning and implementation know-how as well as partner management will converge. Important development partners of NFC are located in the USA; against this background, CEO Nunzio La Vecchia wants to assess the options of establishing a NFC R&D competence center in the USA - an integrated R&D as well as production complex for nanoFlowcell® membrane manufacturing, the production of powerful electric motors (up to 140kW) with integrated power electronics, chip manufacturing as well as bi-ION® electrolyte manufacturing and QUANT production.

The USA is the right market for QUANTiNO twentyfive - we could produce the Roadster 100% locally.

"nanoFlowcell®-powered electric vehicles perfectly fit the U.S. market: long distances, a growing focus on renewable energy and climate protection, and openness to technology. Here, I have met many people who are trying to make seemingly impossible things possible and not drowning in concerns," says La Vecchia, adding, "Together with local partners in the US, we have developed a new generation of chips with nano-structures that are only 2 to 3.5 nanometers in size, and our humaN48 AI project is also at home here. So I'm looking forward to the upcoming US tour with the new QUANTiNO twentyfive as well as giving the further progress of QUANT-City a new perspective."

Considering NFC's important partner structures in the U.S., the potential production ramp-up for the QUANTiNO twentyfive was planned as part of an interdisciplinary virtual production preparation process, and sourcing was aligned to ensure that the vehicle can be 100 percent manufactured in the U.S.

The production of the QUANT models is not to be understood as a manufacturing facility with a collection of machines, but as an integrative and geographically networked production system. The objective of QUANT City is to develop a concept for a systematic design of a licensable production system with geographically distributed production units that is both adaptable, scalable and duplicable.

Producing an electric car is not a challenge, but building a bi-ION production facility is even more so!

"The production of the QUANT or QUANTiNO is not a challenge for us, quite the opposite. Both models are fully developed and have received detailed specification plans. But the best electric car won't run if it lacks power," La Vecchia indicated. "Without being able to provide delivery guarantees for our bi-ION® electrolyte fuel, we don't need to discuss the production date of our vehicles. A production plant of this kind with an economically viable production volume and corresponding expansion of space requires an immense amount of detailed planning at a wide variety of levels. We can't call Schönerbauen, order a plant and put it on a greenfield site like a prefabricated house. Fortunately, we don't have investors who push for time with a short-sighted profit motive and regardless of the consequences. Nevertheless, we are working at full speed, together with reliable and extremely competent partners, but we know that complex projects take time. Because we don't want to 'muddle through', we want to get it right from the start."

Not 'muddling through', but right from the start!

"Due to the pandemic, the completion of the QUANTiNO 25 was delayed by 12 months," explains Nunzio La Vecchia, CEO of nanoFlowcell Holdings plc. "Originally, the vehicle was to be ready in time for our company anniversary. However, we did not want to compromise on the development and bring the QUANTiNO 25 to series production level. That's why summer 2021 became late summer 2022. I'm not concerned with a date, but with our goal to built probably the most perfect electric roadster in the world: we have a globally unique inherently safe 48V low-voltage drive architecture, powerful and compact e-motors with integrated power electronics, an optimized flow cell as an onboard power plant, and 2 x 125-liter tanks integrated into the body for ranges of up to 2,000 kilometers, as well as AI-defined functions for greater comfort and safety."

In 2021, NFC celebrated its 25th anniversary, which would be crowned with the QUANTiNO twentyfive. However, most projects, including the planning for QUANT-City as well as QUANTiNO twentyfive were stalled due to the pandemic. Corona and the resulting interrupted supply chains for components abruptly brought all work to a halt.

For the QUANTiNO twentyfive, the engineers could not fall back on an existing off-the-shelf parts from established volume manufacturers. All parts are made to measure and optimized for series production. Replacing any component means evaluating it against the background of its influence on quality, longevity, and production costs. After a six-month delay due to corona, the QUANTiNO twentyfive rolls out of the workshop.

As it pulls away, the motors whirr, just like any other all-electric electric car - because by ear alone, the QUANTiNO twentifye doesn't give away the fact that it is the only electric car in the world that runs entirely without batteries.

The sight of the roadster looks familiar and yet much is new. Its design affinity with the QUANTiNO 48VOLT is recognizable. Its organically precise lines, however, give the vehicle an distinctive character - an expression that underlines: I am the future!

The lively yellow has given way to a diamond-bright rich red, the 3D-designed roadster roof emphasizes the striking roofline, and the new 20-inch wheels provide the necessary grip when it comes to converting the instantly available acceleration power of the four multi-phase electric motors, each rated at 59 kW, into breathtaking propulsion. All important settings can be controlled via the F1-like steering wheel. Compared to the QUANTiNO 48VOLT test car, the twentyfive is a real space-saver, because the electrolyte tanks are now no longer housed in the trunk, but have been integrated into the body. This is possible because the bi-ION® electrolyte fluid used in the nanoFlowcell® flow cell is not subject to any hazard class.

We developed an electric car without batteries, because it makes sense: QUANTiNO twentyfive is the future!

The performance figures of the QUANTiNO twentyfive are currently unedited in order to test the driving dynamic limits of the Torque Vectoring Control and the anti-slip system. In series production, the e-vehicle should be less brute. It will then no longer be a matter of absurd top performance, but of sensible everyday performance. Speed and acceleration values will be among the best in the class, but QUANTiNO twentify is intended to stand for sensible electromobility that sets new standards for ecologically sensible driving pleasure, comfort and maximum safety with the greatest possible range.