The New Power

Salt water as basis for clean energy

Flow Cell

nanoFlowcell® flow cell and complimentary bi-ION® electrolyte

research + development
The new E-roadster by nanoFlowcell - 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds.
Powered by nanoFlowcell flow cell technology - high performance without batteries.
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nanoFlowcell USA LLC

We are breaking the ground for nanoFlowcell USA, expanding and exporting at the same time: we tap into a market with enormous potential, and our enthusiasm for innovation and expertise in disruptive technologies meet an inspiring, entrepreneurial environment.

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High-Tech Job Engine

Our E-technologies are readied for mobile and static applications, ranging from E-cars and domestic power supply to industrial power plants. Our workforce is as diversified as the industries we serve: academics, skilled engineers, and master craftsmen. Across industries, we will create employment opportunities and job descriptions that did not exist 5 years ago.

Rapid Business Growth

As pioneer of a modern sustainable economy, we set the stage for rapid business growth for clean and safe flow cell energy in the U.S. market. Our E-technologies make renewable energies transportable and usable in a variety of nanoFlowcell applications, creating a healthier, fairer and sustainable future for generations to come. 

Leadership in Technology

Our nanoFlowcell technologies underscores our leadership in advanced R&D; we deliver cutting-edge innovations that are considered disruptive technological breakthroughs, supported by long-term scientific evidence. We are pushing boundaries to develop next generation technologies that will be reshaping entire industries. 



International center of excellence for technological innovations and AI product strategies

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humaN48 is representing the cutting edge of humanoid robotics: most advanced sensory, flawless motions, most realistic appearance and interaction for intuitive collaboration

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25 years excellence in R+D

With 25 years of experience in innovation research and the development of cutting-edge technologies, nanoFlowcell Holdings plc is laying the technological groundwork for an eco-friendly and intelligently organised modern society.