The New Power

Salt water as basis for clean energy

Flow Cell

nanoFlowcell® flow cell and complimentary bi-ION® electrolyte


QUANTiNO twentyfive

We are currently in the planning stages for the production of the world first flow cell electric vehicle. What initially took shape as a research endeavor has seamlessly transitioned into the tangible realm of series production.



Experience the enhanced and reengineered version of The New QUANT, as it gears up for series production.

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nanoFlowcell USA LLC

We are breaking the ground for nanoFlowcell USA, expanding and exporting at the same time: we tap into a market with enormous potential, and our enthusiasm for innovation and expertise in disruptive technologies meet an inspiring, entrepreneurial environment.

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High-Tech Job Engine

Our E-technologies are readied for mobile and static applications, ranging from E-cars and domestic power supply to industrial power plants. Our workforce is as diversified as the industries we serve: academics, skilled engineers, and master craftsmen. Across industries, we will create employment opportunities and job descriptions that did not exist 5 years ago.

Rapid Business Growth

As pioneer of a modern sustainable economy, we set the stage for rapid business growth for clean and safe flow cell energy in the U.S. market. Our E-technologies make renewable energies transportable and usable in a variety of nanoFlowcell applications, creating a healthier, fairer and sustainable future for generations to come. 

Leadership in Technology

Our nanoFlowcell technologies underscores our leadership in advanced R&D; we deliver cutting-edge innovations that are considered disruptive technological breakthroughs, supported by long-term scientific evidence. We are pushing boundaries to develop next generation technologies that will be reshaping entire industries. 



International center of excellence for technological innovations and AI product strategies

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QUANT City Center of excellence
applications research

Human Robotics

humaN48 is representing the cutting edge of humanoid robotics: most advanced sensory, flawless motions, most realistic appearance and interaction for intuitive collaboration

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Human Robotics humaN48
QUANTiNO 25 Vehicle to Grid
QUANTiNO twentyfive

Smart Grid Power Station

This innovative Vehicle-to-grid (V2G), also known as Vehicle-to-home (V2H) system, serves as an advanced Smart Grid solution, with the proprietary nanoFlowcell energy system at its core. It provides users with the capability to autonomously generate and manage electrical power, thereby emancipating them from the conventional grid infrastructure.


Tailored to your home's specific voltage and amperage requirements, this innovative system ensures that you generate just the right amount of energy needed to power your household.

Freedom and flexibility

The Smart Grid Power Station is a self-contained energy solution that can move with you wherever you go. Whether it's powering your home, RV, or even remote locations, this power station adapts effortlessly

25 years excellence in R+D

With 25 years of experience in innovation research and the development of cutting-edge technologies, nanoFlowcell Holdings plc is laying the technological groundwork for an eco-friendly and intelligently organised modern society.